The Breakfast Club

18 Sep

I’m currently working on The Breakfast Club with my year 10s, for the first time. I tend to work in themes; this theme was High School Stereotypes. As I refine the resources I’ll edit and update them here. Potentially we’ll compare with Mean Girls.

What is it?

A collection of worksheets on The Breakfast Club. Included is a viewing worksheet; who said/did what match up activity; a chart for comparing relationships; and a crossword.

Credit Where Credit’s Due:

The who said/did what match up activity was based on a worksheet I found in some resources given to me by another teacher. I’ve just found it on Google: it’s from the notes of a Film Concepts course run by a D. Sosidka and C. Marko at North Hunterdon-Vorhees Regional High Schools. The original worksheets can be found here: as well as the answers, and notes about the film.

Note: I’ve updated the worksheets since I last posted them.


2011 309 Breakfast Club Worksheets DOC

2011 309 Breakfast Club Worksheets PDF

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    [...] were silent and intently watching. When I paused it so I could identify the characters for their worksheet they complained like little children. I put on my annoyed face to chastise them into silence, but [...]

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