Writing Process Posters: Draft, Review, Edit, Proofread, Publish

What is it?

A series of classroom posters of a five step writing process: plan, draft, review, edit/proofread, publish.

There’s plenty out there, but as always I didn’t like the design at all. As always, the images are from Google Images.

I believe when I made these, I based them on the writing process in Merryn Whitfield’s Blakes Writing Guide for Primary Students, (2009, Pascal Press: Glebe, New South Wales). Despite the name, the Blakes guides are most definitely out of the reach of most Primary Students; literacy-wise, they’re certainly appropriate for my Year 11 literacy classes, so I use them extensively.

How it’s used:

I printed them out at A3 size, laminated them and put them up in my English classroom. They are mostly so I can refer students to the stages when confronted with the ‘Why do I have to do a draft?’ grumble.

I had an idea to make them interactive: I would provide students each with a name card (or a Post-It) and have them move their name along as they completed each stage in the process.


2010 309 The Writing Process Posters DOC

2010 309 The Writing Process Posters PDF


One thought on “Writing Process Posters: Draft, Review, Edit, Proofread, Publish

  1. Merryn Whitfield December 20, 2011 / 4:07 pm

    I am so glad to see real teachers using Blake’s Writer’s Guide in their classrooms. The guide incorporates many skills and strategies which are suitable for a wide range of budding authors, from novice to experienced. I like your posters too, although I usually try to include some graphics to make them even more appealing to our Gen Y multimodal clientele. However I must disagree with your conclusions as to the age suitability of the guides series. They were written by a primary teacher for primary students, and if you have a look at the new National Curriculum, and our Board of Studies version in NSW, the expectations and learning requirements of students in primary schools are higher than ever before. I believe in raising the bar and encouraging students to exceed their own expectations. Good luck with your blog and your teaching! 🙂 Merryn

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