Indigenous Studies – Wyrie Swamp Boomerang Worksheet, Timelines and History Task

The Wyrie Swamp boomerang

Just a quick share. I taught Year 8 History in South East SA for many years and had the pleasure to work with several members of the Boandik people from the area in delivering a cultural studies program. From the knowledge they brought I developed this task about a local artefact: the Wyrie Swamp Boomerang, the oldest discovered wooden boomerang in Australia (it is around 9000-10000 years old).The original is now stored safely under controlled conditions at the South Australian museum but a replica was carved and is now on view in Mount Gambier.

Information about the Wyrie Swamp boomerang is taken from here.

The intention of this worksheet and timeline task was to make links between the European history we were primarily studying and Indigenous history. It is somewhat humbling to see that this boomerang is older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge.

Hope it is helpful for some:

Wyrie Swamp Boomerang (DOCX)

(Updated 26 May 2019 to fix broken link).

2 thoughts on “Indigenous Studies – Wyrie Swamp Boomerang Worksheet, Timelines and History Task

  1. BRENTON Thorogood May 23, 2019 / 2:40 am

    Hi,I am originally from Millicent ,and find this very interesting ,I am curious to know whether it was the peat in the wyrie swamp ,that preserved the boomerangs ECT for thousands of years or the water and peat that preserved these boomerangs .? I remember be quite a few other swamps down the southeast bof Sa that probably have boomerangs .I’m pretty a lot of the Millicent north area was swamps , I think before the housing trust area in Millicent ,was all swamp area before the houses were there! I remember many years ago when I was digging a garden and finding remnants of shells,so I would imagine there is a lot more aboriginal artifacts around Millicent and surrounding areas.

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