Printable: Persuasive Language Handout

Persuasive Language Handout 1

In Australia our national standardised tests (called ‘NAPLaN’) have caused an intense focus on persuasive writing. It’s a good thing to focus on anyway, as argument and critical reasoning are all important higher order thinking skills.

I created this handout in 2010 to print and laminate for my year 8 students. It’s basically a pretty collection of random persuasive language elements I’d collected around the internet. I’m afraid I couldn’t identify the sources of this information, so I would be grateful if someone could tell me which websites the information comes from

The ‘Words with Power’ is based on this handout from Scholastic:

Read Write Think

The diagram in the handout comes from a Read, Write, Think handout. Read Write Think is my favourite literacy website. It is run by not-for-profit International Reading Association and I love that it is fully free and well intentioned. And the resources are good. The ‘Think’ part of the title is the key: it posits higher order thinking as an essential part of literacy. Most American education resources are too simplistic for my uses.

They’ve since revised the handout I used (it looks different but is essentially the same), but their persuasive writing resources are incredible. Personal favourite is the Persuasion Map which I use extensively with my middle school classes. Another goodie is the Persuasive Strategies powerpoint though I would probably download it and reformat it (I can’t stand Comic Sans). Other great strategies can be found here. I even think I used their lesson plan on writing a letter about school issues for the assignment I created this handout for.


DOCX: Persuasive Language Handout 1

PDF: Persuasive Language Handout 1.