16 Fancy Literary Techniques explained by Disney

I took Adam Moerder’s brilliant Buzzfeed article about literary techniques explained via Disney movies and turned it into a series of simple posters. The images and text are taken directly from the blog article, bar a few vocab changes. They’re headed for my classroom wall. I highly recommend checking out the original blog: see it here http://www.buzzfeed.com/moerder/fancy-literary-techniques-explained-by-disney


Download PDF: Language Techniques as explained by Disney

Writing Process Posters: Draft, Review, Edit, Proofread, Publish

What is it?

A series of classroom posters of a five step writing process: plan, draft, review, edit/proofread, publish.

There’s plenty out there, but as always I didn’t like the design at all. As always, the images are from Google Images.

I believe when I made these, I based them on the writing process in Merryn Whitfield’s Blakes Writing Guide for Primary Students, (2009, Pascal Press: Glebe, New South Wales). Despite the name, the Blakes guides are most definitely out of the reach of most Primary Students; literacy-wise, they’re certainly appropriate for my Year 11 literacy classes, so I use them extensively.

How it’s used:

I printed them out at A3 size, laminated them and put them up in my English classroom. They are mostly so I can refer students to the stages when confronted with the ‘Why do I have to do a draft?’ grumble.

I had an idea to make them interactive: I would provide students each with a name card (or a Post-It) and have them move their name along as they completed each stage in the process.


2010 309 The Writing Process Posters DOC

2010 309 The Writing Process Posters PDF

Simpsons Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences Posters

What is it?

An adaptation of the excellent Multiple Intelligences posters, checklists and record sheets from Kurwongbah State School (in Queensland) using the Simpsons. I loved the concept of the original posters, just not the clipart. See the originals plus a lot more MI stuff at http://www.kurwongbss.eq.edu.au/thinking/MI%20Smarts/smarts.htm

While you’re there look for Kelsie Torrisi’s Book Reports the Blooming Smarts way. Awesome.

To match there’s a Blooms Taxonomy poster featuring the different levels of Homer’s brainpower.


2010 Simpsons Multiple Intelligences Poster (Landscape) DOC

2010 Simpsons Multiple Intelligences Poster (Portrait) PDF

I’m afraid I don’t know where the original .doc file for the Portrait posters are – they could easily be adapted from the Landscape posters.

2010 06 Mulitple Intelligences Checklist DOCX Quiz for the students to discover their ‘intelligences’, adapted for Australian high school students.

2010 06 Multiple Intelligences Personal Results DOCX

2010 06 Multiple Intelligences Personal Results PDF

2010 Simpsons Blooms Revised Taxonomy Poster DOC

2010 Simpsons Blooms Revised Taxonomy Poster Version 1 PDF

2010 Simpsons Blooms Revised Taxonomy Poster Version 2 PDF

I no longer have the DOC file for the Version 2, sorry.