Couldn’t Teach Without …

… these websites!

This could just as easily be an ‘Thanks and Acknowledgements’ page.

My favourite teacher resources

TES Resources

Requires Registration

You’ll have to register but you’ll be glad you did. Shared resources from several thousands of UK (and elsewhere) teachers. Powerpoints, worksheets, lesson plans on every possible topic.

Update: Now comes in Australian flavour:

Pete’s Powerpoint Station

Look past the childish clipart and poor navigation; Pete has created a mecca of shared powerpoints on almost every subject. They range from university level down to kindergarten; whenever I need to present a content-based lesson (particularly grammar and history) I look here first for a PowerPoint to adapt. It is from here that most of my ashamedly bad copyright infringement comes!

Read Write Think

The Read Write Think Persuasion Map is used so often in my classes that my students refer to it as ‘that blue website’. The concept of literacy expressed on this site is very up to date and Australian Curriculum friendly: lots of scaffolding, lots of interactive graphic organisers, lots of differentiated learning. It’s mainly targeted at younger (particularly Middle School) students but I’ve just used the Essay Map for a senior student who was struggling with text structure: good things work at all ages.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Share share share! You might need to sign up, but there’s plenty free. These days I start my lesson planning searches at TPT and I don’t mind paying someone $3 for their PowerPoints. I don’t make much on my TPT store but I make enough to break even as I buy other teacher’s resources. I recommend opening your own.

CC and Royalty Free

Oh how I love you … and all of those wonderful souls who provide copyright free media.

Particularly important for those who want to sell their resources on TPT or similar:

Search Creative Commons

Wonderful wonderful you!


Love love love everyone of you!

Font Squirrel

Hugs hugs hugs for all of you!


Discovery Education Puzzlemaker

Codebreaker style puzzles, crosswords and of course, word searches. The main advantage of Discovery’s puzzlemaker is word searches are formed as copy+paste-able HTML tables and crosswords as images, making adapting and creating your worksheets much easier.

A to Z Teacher Tools

Word Searches in the shape of smileys, stars, clovers, circles. Well beloved by my middle schoolers.

Crossword Labs

Crossword Labs is the best online crossword maker for teachers.

Worksheet Works

Maths, English, Geography worksheet generators. Calendars, grammar, mazes. Brilliant free website.

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